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We are Looking for YOU!

Each year, many of our members transfer from one worksite to another. Some years it has taken us months to learn where you have been assigned to work. There is a great deal of important and beneficial information that comes from both the local and national AFT that you should not miss.  Will you please complete the attached Membership Update form and send it to our office via pony as soon as possible. You should see what you’re missing.

Hampton Federation of Teachers
Membership Update 2021-2022
Each year, due to address changes and changes in job assignments, we ask every member to complete this Membership Update form. Annually, we update or files so that we can be assured that you receive all national, state and local communication.

Name ________________________________________________________

School _______________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________

(City)                    (State)                    (Zip Code)

Home Telephone ________________________________________________

Classroom/ Work Phone _________________________________________

Non-Work Email Address (Not SBO)


(     ) Teacher                      (       ) Other School Personnel

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